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The latest release of taxipilot is to be found here.
Only some releases will be made available as binaries.
Andreas Wilm has prepared debian-binaries (i386) for version 0.9.01. They are available at Thanks a lot, Andreas!
Note that you need qt 3 and kdelibs 3 and kde-multimedia 3 to compile/run Taxipilot 0.8.0 or a more recent release. For releases up to 0.7.0 you will need qt >= 2.2.2 and kdelibs 2.x.
Releases between 0.7.1 and 0.7.2 will work with both KDE 2 (some handwork may be needed) and KDE 3 (qt >= 3.0.1 kdelibs 3.x).


--- Version 0.9.2 --- May-28-2007
- added initial Italian translation (by Luciano Montanaro)
- make destination label blink for a while after each change
- increase default size of "Press Space" message
- keep application hidden until a mission is selected
- prevent cancelation of initial mission selection screen
- slight improvement in key press handling; fixes a crash on some systems
- language fix: "landing flaps" -> "landing gear" (including non-backwards compatible change in taxi-configuration: "landing_flaps" -> "landing_gear")
- added mission containing all levels
- added mission containing only the levels added recently
- removed one of the "Introduction to Taxipilot" ("imperfect mission") missions
- renamed the "Introduction to Taxipilot" missions to "imperfect mission"
- added a title object to all levels in "Introduction to Taxipilot" ("imperfect mission")
- added three new levels to "Introduction to Taxipilot" ("imperfect mission")
- added highscores
- slight redesign of mission selection dialog
- add preview of mission splash in mission selection dialog

--- Version 0.9.1 --- April-03-2005
- got rid of some unnecessary build dependencies
- added tip of the day functionality
- several new and improved levels by Stefan F. Raab
- added display for number of deliveries to go until next level
- change LCD-displays to red for negativ amounts
- don't block fueling if out of cash - doing so does not really improve game play
- added save / load functionality
- increased max number of in game timers to 100 (previously 50)
- slowed down credits
- don't block teleporters if you can't afford the fare - it would sometimes block the whole game
- slight improvement to non-smooth scrolling
- some code cleanups
- fixed problem with leftovers when aborting game during a splash-screen
- fixed problem with disappearing flying-animations

--- Version 0.9.01 --- February-17-2004
- better control on position of flying animations
- added config option to disable smooth scrolling (and save CPU-cycles)
- reworked scrolling code
- fixed crash on moving teleporters
- only preserve 8-bit alpha-channel when explicitely asked to -> significant performance improvement!

--- Version 0.9.0 --- February-11-2004
- added several very nice levels contributed by Stefan F. Raab and Joe Bolin
- added an easy way to create animated teleporters
- fixed frame animation in moving objects
- improved mission-selection mechanism
- added splash-screen capabilities (not documented, not fully implemented, yet)
- changed file-lookup behavior! "images/" and "sounds/" no longer get added automatically. Non-backwards compatible!
- added option to make game-messages non-animated
- added ability to switch taxis during a single mission
- added ability to specify which passengers should be used in a level
- replaced accidentally deleted file (blind.png needed for the pyramids-level)
- status is always shown correctly (I hope)
- passengers leaving taxi use correct walking speed
- added a "To start game: press space"-message to the startscreen
- the speed and fuel displays are no longer clickable
- made animation-sequences cachable (better memory-efficiency, when graphics are reused throughout a level)
- LCD-Numbers have better contrast

--- Version 0.8.5 --- October-20-2002
- Documentation improvements
- Fixed a number of compilation problems
- Taxi can make a sound when landing
- fixed old thinko where parsing multiple tags of a kind
- events may have sound
- implemented a common framework for animated classes, allowing for more flexibility and consistency
- improved TimeManager efficiency (and API-documentation)
- removed KDE2/Qt2-compatibility for good
- Taxipilot no longer has to exit even on "critical" errors
- fixed compiler-warnings
- fixed crash when a critical (animation-related) error occured while creating a credit item
- fixed wrong passenger base-position in level "side by side"
- changed sound-configuration be more consistent (and efficient)
- code-cleanups

--- Version 0.8.0 --- August-04-2002
- Increased mean time between passenger idle-animations
- Passenger can now produce sounds
- fixed a few memory leaks
- Taxi can now produce sounds
- Added a sound-framework
- don't offer fuel when user pauses game
- minor code-cleanups
- new Level added

--- Version 0.7.2 --- May-19-2002
- Added timers (for retarded events etc) 		-> (not thoroughly tested, yet!)
- Fixed another acknowledge-message-does-not-disappear-problem
- Change KAccel to KAction (code takes effect only when compiled with KDE-version >= 3.1.0)
- Passengers have a defined z-Position
- Fixed clipping-area for textual moving objects
- Center-of-Gravity-functionality may depend on a state
- Teleporter-functionality may depend on states        	-> (not thoroughly tested, yet!)
- New action for moving objects: jump (allows for conditional movements!)
- Fixed another destructor-problem capable of crashing the app while closing
- New events for use with teleporters: arrive (taxi) and leave
- New events for use with platforms: take_off, land, arrive (passenger) and leave
- Fixed crash with illegal action as first in a chain of actions
- Another new level!
- Fixed target for last path segment of looping objects (head for start)
- Moving objects can now trigger events
- Support for invisible and "inexact" teleporters

--- Version 0.7.1 --- April-14-2002
- Graceful coping with errors reading startup-mission
- Ported to KDE 3 (see INSTALL for instructions on compiling for KDE 2)
- Converted background-images to jpeg
- Fixed take-off velocity for moving platforms (did not scale correctly with frame-rates)
- Fixed some minor status-label bugs
- Reworked Pause/Resume (Pause now is a regular gaming message)
- Slowed down credits a bit
- Made configuration-strings (e.g. strings used in the level) translatable

--- Version 0.7.0 --- March-10-2002
- Added a new level (with doors and switches)
- Changed commandline-opt. --highlight_platforms to --highlight (works for hotareas as well)
- Added events, states, hotareas
- Fixed braindamage in relative paths
- Finally got rid of crashes on close!?
- Mysterious defaulting of "Up"-Action to "Alt+Up" on installation fixed (hopefully)
- Game is no longer resumable via Game->resume, when a message has to be acknowledged

--- Version 0.6.2 --- February-21-2002
- Removed some QObjects and reworked timers. This was meant to increase performance and reliability,
   but I'm not quite sure, whether it really did. feedback welcome!
- Taxi and Passenger no longer wiggle on a moving platform
- Taxi taking off from a moving platform starts out with the platform's speed
- Fixed a passenger timer-leak
- Messages disappear correctly when game is aborted
- Fixed yet another cause of crashes on close

--- Version 0.6.1 --- December-19-2001
- Use different colors for different levels of debug messages (if connected to a tty)
- Landing on moving platforms works reliably again (I think)
- Preferences-dialog resizing properly
- Scrolling-rate now equals frame-rate
- Fixed crash on close
- Added support for textual moving objects

--- Version 0.6.0 --- December-02-2001
- Some more rewrites (probably introducing a number of new bugs ;) );
- Made tunable to different refresh/recalculation-rates.
- Added a configuration-dialog
- Fixed out-of-fuel-select-expensive-platform bug (used to crash occasionally)
- Rewrite of taxi-animation-code. Much cleaner now.
- Frame-rates may be specified for all taxi-animations
- Taxi with moveable flaps drawn in is no longer invicible (shame on me for not noticing this bug right away)
- Should now be compatible with automake 1.5 / autoconf 2.5x (untested)

--- Version 0.5.2 --- November-18-2001
- passenger1 has made some progress learning to walk
- Passengers are persistent within the game (i.e. not loaded over and over again)
- Configuration-files are no longer read in full length by default when mission is loaded. Speeds up mission-load-time
- Game pauses when focus is lost
- Got rid of strange dublicate Pause-menuitem
- Rewrite of passenger-animaton-code. Much cleaner now.
- Frame-rates may be specified for all passenger-animations, passenger's walking-speed made configurable

--- Version 0.5.1 --- November-11-2001
- You should now be able to land reliably at any speed
- Added a new level with lots of (special) moving objects
- Platforms, too, may now be realized as moving objects
- Centers-of-Gravity may now be realized as moving objects
- Added (weak) sanity-check for gravitation force very close to centers of gravity
- Teleporters may now be realized as moving objects
- circumvented dirty assignment from const to var, which did not compile on all systems

--- Version 0.5.0 --- October-27-2001
- added first user-contributed level!
- platform-highlighting gets deleted when level is deleted
- added moving objects!
- added hicolor icons (icons should show up again under KDE 2.2.x)

--- Version 0.4.4 --- October-19-2001
- added warning LEDs to fuel- and (not yet useful) speed-dials
- fixed error-handling for buggy selected missions
- added a taxi with direction-dependend animations
- support for direction-dependend animations for the taxi
- fixed some landing-flaps related problems
- fixed "crash-message-not-disappearing-when-new-mission-is-loaded-bug"

--- Version 0.4.3 --- October-14-2001
- support for moveable landing-flaps
- fixed the "stuck-when-last-passenger-gets-killed-after-delivery-bug"
- made keys configurable
- moved keyEvent-handling to TaxipilotApp (internal change only)
- taxi may now be put on start-screen
- flying-animation now kills the passenger on collision
- fixed application-caption for the start-screen
- left/right-keys may now be used simultaneously with up/down-keys

--- Version 0.4.2 --- September-23-2001
- added credits-capability (this has the nice side-effect of checking all configuration files
	before they are actually needed in the game)
- added capabilities for oversized levels
- "killed" passengers disappear, passengers onboard during crash are gone
- take into account offset of landing-flaps
- added cmdline-option "highlight_platforms" to make level-debugging easier
- fixed the "stuck-without-fuel"-problems
- fixed the "abandoned-passenger-walking-too-far-problem"
- added dir of the current .mission-file to the search path

--- Version 0.4.1 --- September-16-2001
Fuel- and Speed-Dial no longer accept focus
Gameflow-messages look much cooler now
Fare being increased properly again
fixed fuel-display
added fueling-rate (fuel_step) parameter

--- Version 0.4.0 --- September-09-2001
added animation-functionality to the taxi
no longer dependent on key-repeat-delay/rate
minor fixes

--- Version 0.3.2 --- September-02-2001
enhanced error-checking functionality
lots of code-cleanups (and still way to go)

--- Version 0.3.1 --- August-23-2001
taxipilot now on cvs at sourceforge (yes, I consider this a feature)
hopefully removed all 'K's from (K)taxipilot

--- Version 0.3.0 --- August-19-2001
introduced error-checking into the read-configuration-file-functions
cleaned up some code along the way
taxipilot.desktop now installs to ${kde_appsdir}/Games

--- Version 0.2.4 --- August-14-2001
Teleporter-Sprites now get deleted when the Level is deleted
Added startscreen capabilities
Minor code-cleanups

--- Version 0.2.3 --- August-12-2001
Slightly changed the layout
Separated Application-Handler from Game (thanks to Josef Spillner for his advice)
Fixed potential "timer-leak" in passenger-idle-animations
Fixed a few bugs in the status Label
Platforms may now be given labels other than just their number

--- Version 0.2.2 --- August-09-2001
discarded (hopefully) all hardcoded paths
'make install' working properly (at least on my machine)
minor code-cleanups
changed naming-conventions on config-files
replaced QFileDialog with KFileDialog

--- Version 0.21 -- August-07-2001
Added a second passenger
randomization on startup
fixed some potential causes of crash when animating

Changes since 0.20



This TODO file is far from being complete.
It is completely unsorted.
Please don't hesitate to e-mail me suggestions or bug-reports.

- splash-screens
	- message
	- timeout
	- backgroud
	- foreground
	- (file)

- Add more sound
- Keep Highscores
- Improve layout
- More and better levels!
- Support for downloading levels from the internet
- Clean up the code!
- Improve API-Documentation

The following are some rather cryptic notes mostly meant for myself (or anybody who knows the code quite well):
- make "pitchable" a continuous parameter

small TODOs (do them soon!):
- Taxi: sound for fuel low/speeding
- Add story-line (displayed between levels)
- Avoid timer run-up for canvas->update ()
- Related: smooth advancement of credits
- check for matching mission-version when loading saved games
- after a crash, fuel should probably be reset to initial state
- clean up warnings when opening splash-screen (fix --thorough_check-option)

Higher level TODOS:
- support for real scripting for moving objects instead of XML-mess
- port to libSDL or similar / improve performance
- better separation between engine and game-data
- Add a level-editor

Last modified: Mar 12 2004 12:56 (GMT)

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