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Chapter 3. Using Taxipilot

TaxiPilot is a game, and really you shouldn't be reading the instructions, but simply play. But then, here is a short description of how to play. At some points this description is rather vague, saying "may or may not" and the like. This is due to the fact, that much of TaxiPilot's behavior is configurable.

The arrow-keys (or whichever keys you chose in the Settings) allow you to accelerate into any direction. Most levels will also have gravity, that will generally pull you downwards. You may however also be pulled to or pushed away from certain points in many ways, few of which have to do anything with real-life physics.

Some taxis have fixed landing-flaps, while other taxis can draw in and out their landing-flaps. Obviously you can not land without your landing-flaps fully lowered. But then, some taxis are not able to accelerate left or right with the landing-flaps out. The default key to toggle the landing-flaps is currently 'F'. It is inactive for taxis with fixed flaps.

Passengers will appear from time to time. Land on the platform they wait on and wait unitl they have boarded the ship. The "Destination:"-display on the bottom of the window will tell you, where the passenger wants to go. While the passenger is waiting to be delivered, you will see the "Tip"-display counting down. This is how much the passenger will give you in addition to the regular fare. If the tip is negative, the passenger will not even pay the entire regular fare. But you will never be paid less than nothing for your services.

Passengers differ both in the amount of tip they will maximally give to you and in their impatience. The tip will count down faster for very impatient passengers.

The regular fare consists of a fixed base amount, which may differ from level to level and an amount that increases every time you accelerate. Therefore the fare is fairly based on your fuel consumption for the trip. In order to make money, you should be fast however and earn some tips.

Watch your fuel! When it's empty, you will no longer be able to accelerate. Most likely this means that you will crash very soon. You may fuel your ship on special platforms, which will generally, but not necessarily be platforms where no passengers ever appear or want to go to. Fuel does have a price, though, so try not to waste it.

Some levels will have teleporters in them. Teleporters may take you to any other teleporter or nowhere at all. Teleporters need not work both ways and not the same way. Some teleporters may cost money, so you don't want to use them extensively.

In order to complete a level you have to do a number of "successful" deliveries, i.e. deliveries that you do get a non-negative tip for. So this is another reason to hurry. The number of "successful" deliveries required may differ from level to level. Upon completion of some levels, you will be awarded an extra ship (life). The number of "successful" deliveries to go until the next level starts is displayed on the lower right hand side ("Passengers").

As of the time of this writing, TaxiPilot is still laking more high quality levels, graphics and sounds. You can help here. TaxiPilot is highly configurable and allows you to create your own game data without having to recompile. See the developers sections for details on writing your own levels.

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