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Appendix A. A note to anybody who read the code

TaxiPilot is my first KDE-App ever. As a matter of fact, it started as my "learning to programm C++"-project. Also, it was my first venture into object oriented programming. Further, pretty soon it became the largest software project I had ever been working on.

TaxiPilot has grown a lot since those early days. It became far more complex than I had ever dreamed. And also my programming skills have grown a lot during those years.

Still, TaxiPilot can't deny it's heritage. There's loads of crappy and inconsistent code to be found. Not too long ago, I reduced a 55 line-function to 23 lines at the same time adding functionality and increasing efficiency. And likely that doesn't really mean, I'm a very good programmer now, just that I started as a pretty bad one.

So - please don't panic when looking at the code. Over time - hopefully - things will improve...

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